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10th October

The benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar for Utility Mapping

What is GPR?

Ground Penetrating Radar is a geophysical non-invasive and non-destructive method used to help locate and identify underground utilities, such as water, sewage pipes, electric cables, gas, fibre-optics and telecom cables.

The technology uses electromagnetic radar pulses to image the subsurface, GPR can detect reflected signals and determine structures below the ground.

The use of Ground Penetrating Radar is growing worldwide, with surveyors, civil engineers, architects, designers, consultants and municipalities recognising the benefits of GPR technology.

What are the benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar for utility locating?

Non-intrusive method

GPR is a no-dig, safe, reliable survey method that helps minimise damage caused from unknown buried services and utilities.

By using GPR utility mapping surveys they will help confirm the location of underground utilities and assist with the planning of works by minimising and avoiding risks, utilities damage and disruption to the public. The data generated by GPR can be used during the planning stages of utilities projects to determine the location and depth of underground services.

Detects metallic and non-metallic objects

Because GPR can detect variations in dielectric properties in the subsurface it is therefore highly effective for locating non-conductive utilities.

GPR, unlike other locating techniques, can detect plastic, concrete, ceramics, fibre-optic and other non-metallic items. GPR can also detect disturbed soil conditions, culverts and voids with a high level of accuracy.

Time and cost saving

By using Ground Penetrating Radar to locate underground utilities, potential risks and damages are minimised. Employees’ injuries and utilities strikes are greatly reduced, avoiding costly mistakes and saving you valuable time and money.


Thanks to technological and design improvements, GPR manufacturers are offering more user-friendly and cost-effective GPR solutions. With adequate training, operators with a basic level of GPR knowledge can now use the latest systems and undertake a utility mapping survey with a higher level of confidence.

GPR units and training are more readily available and affordable, encouraging companies to invest in better equipment and staff training.

Blue Hat offer internationally recognised GPR for utility mapping training courses worldwide, contact us for more information.

3rd June, 2019

GPR for Utility Mapping Training Course – ProQual Accreditation now available!

Blue Hat are pleased to announce that through our association with CSTA-Global, the Blue Hat GPR for Utility Mapping training course now meets all the criteria for a Proqual standalone unit award within the existing Level 4 and 5 QCF Utilities mapping framework.

ProQual provides nationally recognised qualifications for those working in a surveying or construction environment.

The GPR for Utility Mapping two day training course is aimed at the equipment user and at individuals and companies interested in developing subsurface mapping experience. By understanding the subsurface environment prior to any excavation or drilling, you will be able to make vital decisions and avoid utility damage.

If you are looking to progress your career and develop your skill set, this certified training course will help you achieve your goals.

Our training courses are interactive, cost-effective and can be tailored to your specific goals and needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Call 01953 604 040 or email

28th September, 2018

Blue Hat opens Dubai Office to support global expansion

Blue Hat continue to expand their International presence with the opening of a new office in Dubai to provide support for its growing customer base in the Middle East and Africa.

Specialising in global training and consultancy for GPR applications, Blue Hats’ vast years of experience has helped them to develop a strong presence in specialised surveying techniques and services to civil engineering sectors. “We firmly have innovation at the forefront of our business to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective solutions” says Colin Tickle, Managing Director.

With a worldwide customer base, it is an exciting time at Blue Hat, as they develop their business around the globe. The Company has confirmed their presence at 2019’s Trenchless Middle East exhibition, confirming their commitment to develop key relationships in the region.

Blue Hat has a great reputation for delivering specialist, market-leading GPR training and consultancy solutions and “are truly committed to adding real value to customers’ businesses and to the trenchless industry through innovation and education” says Matthew Bunting, UK and UAE Business Development Manager.

The incorrect use of GPR and the lack of professional training is still a current issue. Blue Hats’ goal is to help professionals to accurately understand their environment, how to efficiently use GPR technology and better execute their work. Ground Penetrating Radar training and education will provide professionals with vital information and skills that are recognised across the utility location industry and will prevent damage to utilities and loss of income to businesses.

Specialising in Utility Mapping, Blue Hat can also provide bespoke training on a wide range of applications from pavement evaluation, railway ballast measurement and condition assessment, concrete inspection through to interferometric radar for structural monitoring. These courses are focused on the industry needs and requirements and provide real world conditions in a safe environment.

Dedicated training courses are available for all levels of students:
– Introduction for Management
– Utility Mapping
– Data Post-Processing
– Advanced GPR
– GPR Product Training

Contact us for more information about our training courses and services.

We are looking forward to our GPR for Utility Mapping training course in Brisbane, on 23rd & 24th October! Sydney, Melbourne & Perth to follow, exciting times ahead! @CRKennedySurvey #LocatingUnlimited #UtilityMapping #Australia #Surveyors

4 x utilities located using our ground penetrating radar adjacent a pre drilled window sample location. Non pick up with a CAT scan. Proving yet again CAT scanning alone isn't enough, use a professional! #GPR #utilitysurvey #healthandsafety

The use of Ground Penetrating Radar is growing worldwide. Read our blog post and find out more about the benefits of GPR for #utilitymapping >>

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